Bavarian State Police in Passau, ongoing

The clearly defined rectangular contour parallel to Karlsbader Straße creates an ordering structure in the urban environment. Scale and shape of the building correspond to its overall importance. The chosen courtyard type is adapted to the slope of the terrain and exaggerates it in its silhouette to an emblematic type.


The height graduation and horizontal structuring of the facade, create an exciting dialogue with the ground slope. A consistent high grade appearance is created by the chosen integrative building type. The new building, consistently designed as a courtyard, does not fall into a main building and a garage building, but combines the different uses into a coherent structure.

The advantage of the courtyard type is also evident in the urban development: as the new building is designed as a whole, the secured police yard areas, which are usually located in front of the building and impair the urban environment, can be eliminated. Therefore, the state police can turn to the public as a matter of course and does not seem like a hermetically sealed fortress in the city.


08 2010 / 1st prize

Start of planning
11 2012

expected 2022

Freistaat Bayern, vertreten durch das Staatliche Bauamt Passau


Service phases
1 - 9

Planning team
Jan-Michael Kallfaß, Johannes Reinhard, Annika Wisotzky, Emely Bauhofer, Chantal Quaschinsky, Christina Müller