Canteen of the north vocational training center in Darmstadt, ongoing

The compactly combined new building, which can also be used by the adult education center, has a characteristic appearance due to its jagged facade: The surrounding balcony can be used directly - it strengthens the connection between inside and outside. In terms of interior space, it is important for us not to develop an anonymous, hall-like canteen, but rather to feel the small module of a table and eight chairs as a pleasant scale reference. The division into smaller modules is similarly reflected in the sculpturally designed facade. The structuralist design approach is also reflected in the supporting structure and the wooden beam grid.


The new canteen building in the direct vicinity of the Berufsschulzentrum Nord is designed as a two-storey solitaire – with a central entrance at the entry square of the school campus. From here, on the ground floor, the canteen with an open-air terrace can be reached, as well as the media center, which is located on the eastern facade and opens generously onto the adjacent open spaces.

Due to the low structural depth, a bright, open and clearly recognisable area of concentrated work is created in the media center. On the upper floor, the canteen and its gallery open up to the open space via a roofed balcony that accompanies the facade.


Competition with VOF procedure
06 2016 / 1st prize

Start of planning
09 2016

expected 2021

Eigenbetrieb Immobilienmanagement der Wissenschaftsstadt Darmstadt (IDA)

Service phases