Fire Station in Straubenhardt, ongoing

With the construction of the new fire station, six previously independent fire brigade departments will be brought together at one location in the Langenalberstraße. The planning process is carried out with the aim of implementing the most sustainable building in the spirit of »cradle to cradle«. The essential design concept is the separation and stacking of the individual functional levels and the use of the slope of the property. This allowed the sealed base area to be minimised.


The ground floor made of homogeneous reinforced concrete, contains all the necessary functions for fire brigade operations, as well as storage and technical areas. Inserted into the slope, the pedestal with its only facade opens to the north towards the street. The upper floor was designed as an open floor that takes in the surrounding landscape. It can be reached via an external ramp and serves as a park level and practice area for educational purposes. In the wooden building above, a training room, office space and other common rooms are arranged.


VOF procedure
04 2017

Start of planning
05 2017

expected 2021

Gemeinde Straubenhardt

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