Fire Station in Straubenhardt

The new fire station brings together six previously independent firefighting units at one strategically located site on Langenalberstraße. The project was designed with the goal of implementing circular construction and sustainable planning in accordance with the »Cradle to Cradle« principle.


The separation and stacking of the individual functional levels and the use of the site’s sloping terrain are part of the fundamental design concept. As a result, the sealed soil surface could be minimized and, moreover, the building structure nestles harmoniously into the topography. The massive concrete plinth is cut into the slope and the north-facing facade opens to the street. Inside are the garage for the firefighting vehicles and all the facilities required for operations, as well as storage and technical areas. The open-air intermediate level has two atriums and captures the surrounding landscape. It is reached along an external ramp and serves as a parking deck as well as an area for events. Raised up above this is a wooden structure that is wrapped in a homogeneous facade of white expanded metal. It accommodates a classroom, office areas, and other shared spaces. The stacking of the different functional zones is clearly recognizable from the outside, creating a distinctive appearance that establishes a strong identity.

By using recyclable materials that are low in harmful substances and can be easily separated and reused when dismantled, the building is a valuable raw material supplier and future material resource. The new fire station, one of the first Cradle to Cradle buildings in all of Germany, is a trailblazing building whose exemplary character acts as an important stimulus for future developments.


VgV procedure
1st rank 04 2017

Start of planning
05 2017

03 2022

Gemeinde Straubenhardt

Langenalber Straße 67, 75334 Straubenhardt


  • Fritz-Bender-Baupreis 2022
  • DAM Preis 2023 (Longlist)
  • Hugo-Häring-Auszeichnung 2023 BDA Nordschwarzwald
  • dezeen awards 2023 (Longlist)

Construction costs
ca. 12,5 Mio. Euro

Service phases

Planning team
Julian Baun (PL), Milena Erdle, Alexander Jerosch-Herold, Daniela Scholz

Project management
FRANKE BAUR Ingenieurgesellschaft mbH, Baden-Baden

Construction management
2plus Baumanagement GmbH, Stuttgart

Structural engineering
f2k ingenieure gmbh, Stuttgart

Landscape design
Ramthun Landschaftsarchitektur, Baden-Baden

Building physics
Hüttinger Bauphysik, Lehrensteinsfeld

Cradle to Cradle consultants
EPEA GmbH - Part of Drees & Sommer, Stuttgart

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