Historical Oberamteistrasse in Reutlingen, ongoing

The historic row of houses along Oberamteistraße is located in the historic city center of Reutlingen and was erected during the first half of the 14th century. The patrician homes at Oberamteistraße 28-32 are one of the oldest continuous rows of half-timbered houses in southern Germany. They were built as townhouses and braced by a massive structure, the so-called tower house. In 1972, this buttressing element was demolished, and as a result, the remaining buildings began to move and threatened to collapse. Thus it became a necessity to construct a new supporting structure on the site of the demolished building to stabilize the building row.

The historic row of houses will be structurally stabilized, renovated and converted in conformity with monument preservation requirements and supplemented by a new building at Oberamteistraße 34, with its archaeological monument. The ensemble effect of the buildings, which have historically shaped the cityscape, are thus brought back to life within close proximity to the existing local history museum and presented as a publicly accessible »exhibit«.


The new building has no functional content in our design. It recreates the outer form of the lost building and, behind its translucent outer skin of cast-glass shingles, gives expression to its functions of support and circulation while also highlighting a medieval excavation. Depending on the incident daylight, reflection, and interior lighting, the wooden framework behind is more or less perceptible; the building appears either diaphanous and translucent or reflective, glittering, and corporeal. The newly designed enclosure makes the interior seem blurry, as with a distant memory. It creates the impression of a phantom or a chimera.


12 2017 / 1st prize

Start of planning
10 2018

Stadt Reutlingen

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