Protestant Jakobus School in Karlsruhe 2nd cp, ongoing

The 2nd construction phase of the Protestant Jakobus School complements the existing ensemble with a community school. With a split-level development, this approximately 44 x 41 metre, three- / four-storey new building follows the logic of its internal utilisation concept. The staggered levels allow attractive and communicative interior references, similar to the Apollo schools by Herman Hertzberger.


Analogous to the 1st construction phase, the cantilevered balconies are located in front, which strengthens the connection to the open space and serves as an escape route. As a result, essential fire protection requirements for the interiors are no longer necessary, so the pedagogical desire for »openness, flexibility and spatial connections« can be met in the best possible way.

Our utilisation concept for the school is based on a large-scale learning house module, which is equipped with reading booths like in a library. The cafeteria also emphasises the open-plan character of the new building: it has a surrounding gallery and opens on two floors to the green area in the west. Because of the development in split-levels, the low side of the school corresponds in scale with the neighbouring school, which was completed by our office in 2013.


Direct commission
04 2016

Start of planning
05 2016


Schulstiftung der Ev. Landeskirche in Baden

Service phases