School Center Graubündener / Engadiner Straße in Munich, ongoing

Our aim is to reinterpret the architectural language of the 1970s into a clear, contemporary and outwardly opening architectural language. Generous proportions and the elaboration of the exciting interplay of the cubes ensure the special quality of this redevelopment.


The existing building of the school center Engadiner Straße 1 / Graubündener Straße 50 was built in 1974 and is located in the city district Fürstenried. Our task is the general overhaul of the sports hall and swimming pool. The building is a free-standing building with an almost square ground plan (47.6 m x 52.8 m).

The ground floor comprises a three-field hall with adjoining rooms, the basement a swimming pool and a further one-field sports hall with adjoining rooms. On the upper floor, above the adjoining rooms of the sports hall, are two caretaker apartments. The sports area is used by the two affiliated schools, the Joseph von Fraunhofer Realschule and the Gymnasium Fürstenried. In addition, the sports area as well as the pool, are used intensely by sports clubs.


VOF procedure
06 2010

Start of planning
05 2013

expected 2022

Landeshauptstadt München, Referat für Bildung und Sport,
vertreten durch das Baureferat Hochbau H54

Service phases