VSSW Student Dormitory Complex for the University of Stuttgart, Vaihingen Campus

Our design (approved by the client) called for windows inserted obliquely into deep window reveals as the most important design detail on the exterior. The intention was to give the facades a nuanced sculptural appearance. Complementing this, the windows were to be arranged asymmetrically. As part of a carefully devised concept, varied hues would have integrated the seven buildings into the neighboring nature reserve.

Contrary to our plans, all the buildings were constructed with uniform, beige-colored facades and plastic windows that are installed straight rather than at an angle and arranged symmetrically rather than asymmetrically. The effect is gloomy and shameful in view of the fact that these buildings will be home to an international student body that, in the vast majority of cases, is afforded greater architectural appreciation abroad.

04 2015 / 1st prize

Start of planning
09 2015

VSSW – Vereinigung Stuttgarter Studentenwohnheime e.V.

Service phases