Postblockareal Süd, honorable mention

On the southern part of the so-called Postblockareal (Post block site) in Berlin, a new ministerial building and a residential building with commercial units are to be built. Our design takes up and further develops the urban design approach used in the plans for the expansion of the Federal Ministry of Finance on the northern part of the Postblockareal, which call for a building configuration organized around courtyards.


The vibrantly structured composition of masses allows for diversified street spaces and precise urban relationships to the surrounding buildings. Opposite the National Socialist architecture of the former Reich Aviation Ministry (now the Detlev Rohwedder Building of the Federal Ministry of Finance), a coherent urban ensemble with contemporary urban appeal will be created along the entire length of Wilhelmstraße. At the corner of Wilhelmstraße and Zimmerstraße, the massing recedes slightly to form a narrow entry court leading to the Finance Ministry’s main entrance. This measure strengthens the presence of both the residential function and the ministry at this corner. The angular shift at the former electrical substation creates a large, clearly defined open space incorporating the former postal garden. On the south side facing Zimmerstraße, the building line shifts in the eastern section, allowing for a harmonious transition to the diagonal passage leading to Mauerstraße.

The configuration creates open, flexible spaces that can accommodate different types of offices and also adapt to changing needs in the future. A consistent floor-to-floor height, which also applies to the residential units, allows for spacious living spaces that can be easily adapted to changes in use as needed. A hybrid timber structure is planned.


12 2023 / honorable mention

Aron Lorincz Ateliers

Béla Berec