The wulf architekten office was founded by Tobias Wulf in 1987. Approximately 150 employees from 30 nations are employed in the planning teams of our offices in Stuttgart, Berlin and Basel. Our designs are determined by 10 precepts.

Concept – we work conceptually, not commercially
Context – we view every building as part of its context
Resources – we are mindful of the finite nature of our natural resources
Vision – we look to the future while respecting architectural history
Structure – the building structure follows the intrinsic logic of the task
Form – the form is not the basis but rather the result of our exploration search
Space – the space should create an atmosphere that appeals to the senses
Type – we strive for strong ideal typologies
Flexibility – a sustainable building enables different uses
Complexity – the process is complex, the solution is simple


Our work spectrum embraces a variety of sophisticated building assignments. Our architecture is characterized by clarity and comprehensiveness – we also search for simple solutions for complex assignments, ever aware of the finite nature of our resources. Our commitment to quality is based on the continuity of our work throughout all project phases. Functionality and economy are the foundation for the development of high quality architecture – although this is never the sole objective.

Currently the office is managed by Tobias Wulf, Jan-Michael Kallfaß, Ingmar Menzer and Steffen Vogt. From 1996 to 2018 Kai Bierich and Alexander Vohl were partners of Tobias Wulf at wulf architekten. In addition to our office activity, we are also involved in instruction, in professional organizations, as specialist judges and in design committees. In the past years our projects have been honored with numerous awards.