Work in Progress: Historical Oberamteistrasse

The model on a scale 1:5 helps us to develop junctions and cable routing details for the Historical Oberamteistrasse in Reutlingen. Teamwork is the best way to find convincing solutions.

Groundbreaking ceremony at the Rheinpfalz Police Headquarters in Ludwigshafen.

On friday, 18.11.2022, the groundbreaking ceremony for the Rheinpfalz Police Headquarters in Ludwigshafen took place. With this symbolic act the finance minister Doris Ahnen, interior minister Michael Ebling, Polizeipräsident Georg Litz, the chief of police Holger Basten and mayoress Jutta Steinruck officially started the constructionphase of one of the biggest infrastructure project in Rheinland-Pfalz.

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1st prize: Business Park »Haidpark« in Freiburg!

We are delighted to have been awarded 1st prize in the competition for the »Haidpark« [ˌhaɪdˈpaːk] business park in Freiburg! The development’s streets and urban spaces are demarcated by four clearly defined structures whose positioning and variations in height create a green oasis within the 1.4-hectare site. The ground floor is designed primarily for public use, with facilities such as a conference center, restaurants, cafés, and various services. The uppermost floors distinctively and iconically top off each of the buildings with office lofts, a coworking lounge with roof terrace, and a biodiversity roof that complement the flexibly adaptable standard floors.

Awarded 3rd prize:»Feuerwache Süd« in Stuttgart

We are delighted to have received the 3rd prize for our competiton entry »Feuerwache Süd« in Stuttgart.



Circular Building Principles: Interview with Ingmar Menzer in the »Staatsanzeiger«

On the occasion of our project C2C-Fire Station in Straubenhardt the editor Wolfgang Leja was in conversation with Ingmar Menzer, one of our managing directors. They were talking about sustainability and resource consumption in connection with the construction industry.

2nd prize at the competition »Grundschulstandort Schönwalde«

Our concept for the realization competition »Grundschulstandort Schönwalde« has been awarded 2nd prize. The Jury chaired by Professor Claus Anderhalten praised »the structured and rational approach for the task« that we worked out together with WES landscape architects.

Awarded 3rd prize: »Gutenbergmuseum in Mainz«!

We are delighted to have received the 3rd prize for our competiton entry »Gutenbergmuseum in Mainz«!



Competition »Forum Konstanz«: 4th prize

Our competition entry for the »Forum Konstanz« has been awarded 4th prize. The wood-hybrid building that we proposed forms the start of the university campus and because of its height has a symbolic effect on the neighborhood. Its south-facing terraces form a relation to the landscape and allow for views of Lake Constance.



Featured online: New Main Fire Station in Trier on german architects.

Under the column »Podest« Tobias Wulf is responding to the questions concerning the won competition New Main Fire Station in Trier.

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New Publication: Fire Station in Straubenhardt featured on DETAIL Online!

The editor Frank Kaltenbach discusses our C2C-Fire Station in Straubenhardt under the title »A Depository for Raw Materials«.

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Awarded 3rd prize: Bathing Landscape in Schwelm !

Our design for the »Bathing Landscape of the Future« received 3rd prize!
The jury quoted: »The design is a valuable contribution to the bathing landscape with a unique selling point in its landscape embedding«.