Generaloberst-Beck-Kaserne, former Ordensburg in Sonthofen, ongoing

The imposing listed complex is supplemented by a series of new buildings that neither support nor counteract the existing architectural expression from the time the buildings were built, but rather provide a contemporary, self-confident language of materials and forms. In the dialogue between old and new, a critical examination of the problematic architectural heritage becomes noticeable.


Based on our master plan, the former Ordensburg Sonthofen will be restructured and expanded. The listed old buildings (architect Hermann Giesler, 1934-42), will be fundamentally redeveloped and redesigned and  include accommodation buildings, cafeteria, kitchen, sports and swimming halls, classroom buildings, commandant's office, administration building, chapel and the Palas - a tower and landmark of the complex. In addition, the property, which is known as the Generaloberst-Beck barracks since 1956, will be supplemented by extensive new construction measures.

All in all, this major project is not only about dealing with one of the historically most important building ensembles from the National Socialist era, but also about integrating the new buildings into the spectacular mountain landscape and rearranging the outdoor and open-air facilities.


VOF procedure
08 2008

Start of planning
10 2008

expected 2024

Bundesrepublik Deutschland,
vertreten durch das Staatliche Bauamt Kempten

Service phases


  • Bayerischer Ingenieurpreis (1st prize)

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