HafenCity Campus, 2nd prize

The development site for this large school project is located between Lohsepark and the busy train line to the main station. Due to magnetic radiation, the railway constitutes a restricted zone that cannot be built on. Adjacent to this is the Hannoverscher Bahnhof (Hanover railway station) memorial, from where deportations took place during the Nazi era. The proposed building form creates a continuous spatial edge along Lohsepark and Versmannstrasse, which is open at two points on the ground floor to mark the entrances into the schoolyard.


On the rear side facing the railroad, the building wraps around the construction zone by taking on a polygonal contour. Along the railroad, the composition is held together with a story-high wall that provides noise abatement and privacy. An opening is proposed towards the memorial. The polygonal architectural shape reflects the internal structure, which is characterized by a sequence of learning clusters and stairwells in the midsections. The higher sections at the extremities are taken up by the gymnasium at one end and by the daycare center at the opposite end. Facing the schoolyard, the built form is stepped with various terraces that, like the occupiable roofs, augment the school's usable outdoor space.

The outward appearance blends in with the materials of the surroundings, in that the high plinth story is executed in brick whose relief serves to prepare for the tectonics of the stories above. These are conceived as a wooden structure with a sculptural facade, and the coloration will adopt the tone of the brick.


06 2022 / a 2nd prize

Aron Lorincz Ateliers