Ateliers and Workshops Art School Burg Giebichenstein

The studio and workshop building is understood as a partner in dialogue with the multilayered historical context and, as a modularly differentiated figure, fits sensitively and independently into the existing situation. It is understood as an infrastructure of possibilities: with the aid of a regular grid, the building establishes a flexible spatial framework in order to accommodate the required spatial program well into the future. The basic building block is a typical studio module. The studio space is simple and clear in its geometry, designed to be built of wood, and, with its room-length skylight, generously proportioned and optimally usable.


Maximum flexibility and excellent natural lighting create a studio type of the future, where art can freely emerge and develop.

The structure of the building allows different open spaces to emerge: from representative spaces with views of the urban streetscape to open spaces with increasingly more privacy where the workshop courtyard and work area are oriented toward the hillside. The studio courtyard and the free-work areas on the roofs offer differentiated places to work outside with direct connections to the workshops and studios. The café courtyard functions as an interface between the public and the studios; it is here where visitors and artists meet. The identity-giving verdant character of the neighborhood is strengthened and expanded.


02 2022

Aron Lorincz Ateliers