Christ Church in Sandhausen, ongoing

The Protestant parish Sandhausen is planning the centring of church and parish work at the Christuskirche. Besides the merging of two parish districts and the necessary new construction of a parish hall with an integrated parish office, the interior of the Christuskirche will also be redeveloped. The original room design of the church dates back to 1866 and was heavily modified in the 1960s.


In our design, the church space from 1866 is uncovered again and supplemented with contemporary elements, thus becoming the new center - in the spiritual as well as the functional sense, in the communicative as well as the spatial sense. The entrance to the rooms along the side aisles is through the church. Thus, the church space is integrated into the day to day activities of the community and parish.

The new buildings flank the nave to the left and right and form a design symbiosis with the church. However, our aim is not to imitate, but rather to reinterpret the historical repertoire of forms. Vaults and pointed arch windows are designed as modular wooden elements. Church and new buildings come together naturally and stand on a large, shared platform.


04 2016 / 1st prize

Start of planning
05 2016

Evangelische Landeskirche Baden,
Evangelischer Oberkirchenrat

Service phases

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