Replacement Building for the School of Applied Chemistry at Reutlingen University, ongoing

The new replacement building for the School of Applied Chemistry is an important component of the master plan to further develop Reutlingen University into a future-oriented education campus. Our design takes into account the building site’s prominent topographical and urban position. To the north, the four-story structure directly adjoins the nascent campus axis. To the south, an exterior stair embedded within the landscaped accommodates the level change in the terrain and leads to the main entrance.


The design concept is based on a tripartite flexible laboratory landscape surrounded by a ring-shaped spatial structure. Within it are office spaces, seminar rooms and a lecture hall. This creates a compact, clearly structured floor plan with varied room depths. A central atrium with a skylight terraces upward on all the stories and facilitates open communication. Robust materials left in their natural state, such as wood and recycled-aggregate concrete, create a pleasant atmosphere.

The facade is articulated into bands by wraparound exterior corridors and parapets that feature white canted solar shading elements. These »solar bands« are clad on the upper surface with photovoltaics and unify all the functional areas of the highly technological building to create a homogeneous appearance.


VgV procedure
02 2021

Expected 2026

Vermögen und Bau Baden-Württemberg Amt Tübingen

Alteburgstraße 150, 72762 Reutlingen