Forum Konstanz, 4th prize

The new »Forum Konstanz« building is conceived as the prelude to the university campus and is positioned confidently on the western edge of the campus grounds. Its height gives it symbolic impact and radiant appeal outward, beyond the campus. The south-facing terracing of the upper floors establishes a relationship with the landscape and allows for views of Lake Constance.


The spatial program, which includes areas for communication and teaching on the one hand and laboratories on the other, is united in a single building with a dividing line that runs vertically. This produces a compact building form with short distances, even for the technical services. Inside, the interstice between teaching rooms and laboratory spaces is developed as a spatially appealing and communicative vertical space. The wood load-bearing structure is clearly visible and comprehensible within the interior. Bracing cores are built of exposed concrete. The lavishly open ground floor offers space for prestigious events and can also be used multifunctionally as a forum. It flows into a stairway designed to foster communication, which continues upward to the top floor as helical stairs within the vertical spatial joint. The louvered facade incorporates photovoltaic solar cells on the side facing the sun.


10 2022 / a 4th prize

Aron Lorincz Ateliers