Stuttgart Region Chamber of Industry and Commerce

The principal design goals for us were to restore the street space of Jägerstraße and to give prominence to the vineyard by enhancing the visual axis to the vineyard cottage perched high above, which is perceived as a charming point de vue from many places in the city. The vineyard right in the middle of the city is a unique feature of Stuttgart that is highly identifiable and memorable and therefore had to be strengthened. The Crailsheim shell limestone used for the fins on the upper stories stands evokes the important relationship between the IHK and the Stuttgart region.


Along Jägerstraße, the bottom of the slope is intercepted by a vineyard wall that creates an open area now occupied by the headquarters of the Chamber of Industry and Commerce (IHK). The vineyard wall continues inside the building and marks the transition between the transparent entrance area and the large event hall with its adjoining lobby. When walking uphill, the view opens up to the steeply ascending vineyard that has been carefully repaired and extended here, and which more or less leads across a terrace and into the building.

While the new U-shaped building defines an urban spatial edge to the street, it opens out to the vineyard at its rear, thus enabling the IHK to demonstrate a clear and stable presence as an institution – on Jägerstraße and also from a distance.


2009 2nd rank | 1st rank after revision

Start of planning

09 2014

IHK Region Stuttgart

Jägerstraße 30, 70174 Stuttgart


Construction costs
appr. 40 Mio. Euros

Service phases

Project team
Sonja Schmuker (PL), Nicole Ehni, Philip Furtwängler, Victor Gross, 
Fabian Geiger, Axel Mannhorst, Sebastian Stocker

Construction management                  
Ewald Stüdlein, Roland Alber, Björn Berg

Structure planning
Boll und Partner. Beratende Ingenieure VBI, Stuttgart

Landscape architect    
Jetter Landschaftsarchitekten, Stuttgart     

Orientation system  
büro uebele visuelle kommunikation, Stuttgart