Konrad Adenauer Middle School in Hamm-Rhynern

The urban ensemble comprises the middle school with two parallel classes per grade level, a high school and a large sports hall grouped around a »verdant center«. The implementation in phases began with the construction of the middle school, an elegant, horizontically articulated structure.


With the urban design competition for Hamm, our task was to create an ensemble out of two schools (middle school and high school) and a sports facility. These new buildings ought to articulate the transition between the edge of the city and the flat landscape beyond. The core idea of our design was not to define a strict urban-rural boundary, but rather to incorporate into our concept the typical rural building layout of the farmsteads in the region, with their loosely organized, freestanding structures. The buildings of the the schools and the sports center are accomodated in square bays or »farmstead lots«.


08 2000 / 1st prize

Start of planning
10 2000

08 2002

Stadt Hamm

Heideweg 4, 59069 Hamm


Construction costs
appr. 10,0 Mio. Euros

Construction phases

Planning team
Thomas Schulz (PL), Christine Eisele, Jochen Stopper

Local construction management
Berendt + Teigelkötter Architekten, Hamm

Structure planning
Mayr Ludescher Partner, Beratende Ingenieure, Stuttgart

HVS planning
IWP Ingenieurbüro für Systemplanung GmbH, Stuttgart

Electrical planning
ISW Ingenieurbüro GmbH Schmitt & Willmes, Hamm

Building physics
Ingenieurbüro Graner, Bergisch-Gladbach

Landscape design
wulf architekten, Stuttgart

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