Lucerne Theater

The prominent location in a historical context on the banks of the Reuss favors our »theater terraces« concept. The building is terraced down to the waterfront promenade so as to incorporate it directly into the theater’s forecourt. From the lobby and the restaurant, this opens up an outlook across the water to the historic city center of Lucerne on the opposite side. The building’s massing, which recedes as it rises, reveals the view of the towers of the Jesuit Church.


The building is designed like the layers of an onion: the performance halls are on different levels at the center, surrounded by a spatial layer consisting of backstage spaces and the lobby, which are in turn surrounded by a circulation zone at the facade. The large hall with orchestra pit is designed primarily for musical theater, while the small hall functions as a flexible black box.

In addition, there is a small studio stage in the basement, which is also connected to the lobby areas.


12 2021

Aron Lorincz Ateliers