Montessori Daycare Center in Fürstenfeldbruck

This daycare center is the first realized section of a planned complex that also includes a school, a sports hall and the associated open spaces. The Montessori principle that insights should be gained from the way things relate to each other affects the architectural concept for the building to the extent that different spatial shapes and sizes are quite deliberately juxtaposed. These convey different spatial experiences to the senses, for example through the galleries in the group rooms, and are linked by a connecting corridor that is more than just a corridor. Daylight, niches with seats in »shop windows«, entrance areas to the group rooms, different breadths and lighting situations enrich this access space.


The architects »played« with the height of the rooms throughout the daycare center. There are some very high and very low spaces alongside the normal ones. This can be seen from the outside in the form of the various »rucksacks« that enrich the bar-like run of the building, which is actually quite simple, sometimes on top and sometimes at the sides, lending it a sense of scale. There are two kindergarten groups, a crèche group and a multi-purpose room that is also used by the forest kindergarten group.


Design assessment
07 2003 / 1st prize

Start of planning
10 2003

09 2008

Montessori-Gemeinschaft Fürstenfeldbruck e.V., Olching

Cerveteristraße 6, 82256 Fürstenfeldbruck


Buildings costs
ca. 1,7 Mio. Euros

Service phases

Planning team
Daniel Raiser (PL), Christine Eisele, Andreas Zürcher

Structure planning
Mayr Ludescher Partner, Stuttgart

Buildings physics
Ingenieurbüro Sorge, Nürnberg

Landscape design
Adler & Olesch Landschasftarchitekten, München

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