Pharmaceutical Institute in Bonn, 2nd prize

On the University of Bonn’s Endenich Campus, a new replacement building is to be built for the Pharmaceutical Institute that adheres to the campus master plan and provides space for practical training, laboratories, and offices. In our scheme, which was awarded 2nd prize, the building volume is divided geometrically into three four-story blocks, which accommodate practical training and house institute-wide functions. The buildings create an inviting forecourt and a new entry condition on the campus side. Glass, concrete, and wood materials characterize the interior and facade of the transparent new building, and the central circulation zones are designed as »display windows« that foster communication. The basic structure for the institute areas is based on a flexible, 3-row laboratory module and adaptable office zones.

12 2021 / 2nd prize

Laboratory planning
dr. heinekamp Labor- und Institutsplanung, Berlin

Landscape design
Planstatt Senner, Überlingen