Deutschhaus High School Würzburg

The high school from 1975 with three parallel classes per grade level needed general refurbishment and expansion with a new building to accommodate an additional class per grade level. The school building is situated at one of Würzburg’s historic village entry points, opposite the late Gothic Deutschhauskirche and the baroque commandery. The new building creates a clear edge to the space along Zeller Straße, and a sheltered schoolyard that is bounded by the existing building has been created to rear.


The annex building and the old building are both accessed from the newly designed, common entrance area. By using familiar shapes and materials, a relationship is established between history and the present.

We decided to design the new building as a linear structure that serves to define space: on the side with the existing building, a new schoolyard is created on the roof of the pavilion, while on the other side, the street space is now bounded by the new building, which forms the previously lacking spatial edge and serves as a counterpart to the old buildings on the opposite side of the street. The gently inclined roof with overhanging eaves establishes the connection between the existing schoolhouse and the neighboring buildings, as does the facade with its copper elements, which mediates between the contemporary architectural approach and the historical palette of materials.


VOF procedure
07 2003
Start of planning
09 2003

03 2008

Landkreis Würzburg

Zeller Straße 41, 97082 Würzburg


Construction costs
appr. 9,2 Mio. Euros

Service phases

Planning team
Marcus Kary (PL), Torsten Hannig, Ewald Stüdlein, Daniel Herget

Structure planning / Health and safety coordination
Mittnacht beratende Ingenieure mbi, Würzburg

Building physics
Wolfgang Sorge, IFB Ingenieurbüro für Bauphysik GmbH, Nürnberg

Landscape design
Jochen Soukup, Zürich

© Zooey Braun