Primary School on Waldmeisterstraße in Munich, ongoing

In order to offer the primary school on Waldmeisterstraße a long-term perspective, the City of Munich decided to demolish the existing building from 1958 and to build a new school with four classes per grade level. This is designed according to the "Munich learning house concept": Three compact structures form a coherent school ensemble, which include the outdoor sports facilities. These are required as part of the space allocation plan.


The ground floor houses the general classrooms, such as rooms for handiwork and creative design - as well as the administration and the central dining room. A generously curved staircase in the center of the building leads to the upper floors, where the openly designed "learning house modules" of the grades are located.

The property is very densely covered with the school, sports hall and sports facility, which is why our design provides a strong spatial integration of the buildings and outdoor facilities. The two-layer façade is a result of the escape route system of the Learning House concept. A white steel structure is placed in front of the brick body to accommodate the access balconies.

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VOF procedure
04 2016

Start of planning
06 2016

2022 (1st cp); 2024 (2nd cp); 2025 (3rd cp)

Landeshauptstadt München, Referat für Bildung und Sport

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