School Campus on the Insel Areal Pforzheim

The site for the new school campus on the Insel Areal in Pforzheim is bounded by Altstädter Kirchenweg to the north and the river Enz to the south. The campus comprises a four-track primary school, a six-track secondary school, and a five-group daycare center as well as a three-court gymnasium, a smaller multipurpose gym and an exercise area, each with its own outdoor facilities. Our design, which was created in collaboration with landscape architects Club L94 and was awarded 2nd place, envisages pavilion-like buildings that are rotated slightly to decouple them from the perimeter block pattern of the adjacent peri-urban development.


Their architecture pays homage to the landmarked pavilions, which are the source for the arcade motif and the striking folded roof form, both of which tie the ensemble together into a whole. The facades of the new buildings feature their reinforced concrete frames, making them reminiscent of the existing buildings. A roofed area for both circulation and play during school breaks links the inside with the outside and their varied uses. It is an ambulatory that encloses the central schoolyard, with its mature trees that will be preserved, and strengthens the idea of a green island that simultaneously forms public space.


05 2019 / 2nd prize