Rheinpfalz Police Headquarters in Ludwigshafen, ongoing

Office space for roughly 450 employees is to be created in a prominent building for the Rheinpfalz police headquarters in Ludwigshafen. In our design, the new building is a freestanding element that marks the terminus of a spatial axis within the city. Its height enables a dialogue that extends out beyond the immediate vicinity.


The compact form makes it possible to provide public open spaces on the island-like building site, thus encouraging the community to approach the building, which in turn supports integration of the police into public life: The entrance, with its forecourt and canteen, make a welcoming gesture to the city. The restrained and discreet expression of the facade nonetheless articulates a clear urban presence and expresses the self-image of the police. The vertical windows are framed by prefabricated concrete elements, and each of the floors is separated from the others by a joint, emphasizing the building’s tectonic character. At the technical floors, the articulation of the facade is continued as a relief, asserting itself as a crown at the end of the urban axis.


02 2018 / 1st price

Start of planning
05 2018

expected 2026

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Service phases

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