Vocational Education Campus in Sulgen (CH)

The »Berufsbildungscampus Ostschweiz«, a vocational education campus in Sulgen that serves the Eastern Switzerland region, is intended to be a sustainable and future-oriented project that consolidates spaces for courses from different trades and industrial sectors. A simply shaped building form, functionally organized and tectonically elaborated, embodies the idea of a robust and versatile basic framework.


Modularly configured and expandable, the campus presents itself as an emblematic symbol of the skilled trades, situated on the outskirts of Sulgen at the transition to the open fieldscape. From the main entrance, with its directly adjoining cafeteria and administrative suite, an internal circulation axis leads straight through the building, flanked by the workshop spaces and their associated functions. The outer vehicular circulation loop is surrounded by a landscaped strip of plants that acts as a filter. The three-story building is designed as a wood frame structure with end walls of rammed earth. The central circulation axis continues the axis from the main entrance at the front end and ensures clear and ample orientation within the building.

The interior spaces, like the facades, are imbued with the authenticity of materials joined in a visibly architectonic manner. Exposed building services and robust surfaces decisively contribute to the building’s durability under extreme demands of use. All usable spaces have direct exits to the outside, thus providing an easy means of escape in the event of a fire, supplementing the interior staircases. On the two upper floors, this is achieved via open exterior corridors. The approach ramp to the clearly laid-out underground parking garage is integrated into the rear end wall. The proposed extension is envisaged as a structurally identical linear continuation of the main building, separated slightly as a discrete building to comply with building regulations.


07 2023 / 1st prize

Aron Lorincz Ateliers