North vocational school center in Darmstadt, ongoing

The vocational school center with its distinctive shed roofs is located on a huge, flat cultivated field that extends over an area of around 100 x 100 metres. The merging of the schools on the existing, dense construction site also corresponds to the content: The existing structure is taken up and reinterpreted, the development principle is reversed.


The new entrance is located on the east side and faces the green area. There, together with the new canteen building, a new entrance square is created, which merges into the green space.

The three independent vocational schools of the Schulzentrum Nord – the Heinrich-Emanuel-Merck-Schule (built 1985), the Martin-Behaim-Schule (built 1978) and the Friedrich-List-Schule (built 1983) – are to be merged into one organisational unit. For this purpose, the existing borders in the main development axis will be abolished, the magistral will be strengthened and a connection between the three buildings will be developed.

In addition, the organisation of rooms according to functional areas and not according to individual vocational schools enables a stronger unity of the school centre. In order to meet the requirements of contemporary teaching, the spatial structure will be comprehensively restructured and a range of different learning areas, such as learning landscapes, will be created. The refurbishment is being carried out in three construction phases, the middle block has already been completed.


Competition with subsequent VOF procedure
06 2016 / 1st prize

Start of planning
09 2016

expected 2024

Eigenbetrieb Immobilienmanagement der Wissenschaftsstadt Darmstadt (IDA)

Service phases

see 1st construction phase