Hessenwald School in Weiterstadt

Our design strengthens the genius loci that resides in the allure of the forest clearing. The serenely designed pavilions are clearly discernible as such and conform to the educational concept of creating individual houses for the different grades and offering an »open learning« approach within learning clusters. The Hessenwald School is distinguished by its facades, which are made of exposed masonry coated with a light-gray whitewash and punctuated by large horizontal window openings set within deep reveals.


The Hessenwald School is located in a clearing in the woods near the village of Gräfenhausen, a district of Weiterstadt (Darmstadt). The new building is a cooperative comprehensive school for approximately 700 students and is subdivided into three pavilion-like elements grouped around a common center. At the heart of the newly created ensemble are the communal areas, such as the auditorium, music room, and an indoor recreation area, which have been designed as a large »public center«. Grouped around this light-flooded, central hall are the pavilions, which establish a sense of individuality and identity for the respective grades.


08 2011 / 1st prize

Start of planning
02 2012

08 2016

Eigenbetrieb für Gebäude- und Umweltmanagement des Landkreises
Darmstadt-Dieburg, Darmstadt

Wolfsgartenallee 8, 64331 Weiterstadt


  • Joseph-Maria-Olbrich-Plaque of the BDA Hessen
  • Fritz-Höger-Prize for Brick Architecture, »Winner Gold«
  • Award of the Chamber of Architects and Urban planners in Hesse for exemplary buildings in the Hesse State
  • Architizer A+ Award »Special Mention«, Category »Institutional – Primary & High Schools«

Construction costs
appr. 25,8 Mio. Euros

Planning team
Alexander Vohl, Camilo Hernandez (PL), Carina Kleinecke, Boris Peter

Local construction management 
atp architekten ingenieure, Offenbach am Main

Structure planning
Erfurth & Mathes, Beratende Ingenieure, Dresden

Project management
wpm Projektmanagement, Stuttgart

HVS planning
Wüst und Partner, Erlenbach

Landscape design
Adler & Olesch Landschaftsarchitekten und Ingenieure, Mainz

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