Replacement Building for Secondary School in Allschwil, 2nd prize

The existing buildings of the Allschwil secondary school are to be replaced by new and sustainable school facilities for 36 classes. The points of departure for our design, which was awarded 2nd prize, are the architectural posture of what exists and the premise of adapting it to accommodate the new use: in conformity with its grid and spatial structure, the existing late-1960s school building (»Schulhaus Breite«) from architects Max Rasser and Tibère Vadi is extended on three sides to form a large-scale and coherent architectural figure. The new building is imbued with lightness thanks to its open corners, wraparound canopy, and horizontal windows. The athletic halls are located underground beneath the schoolyard and receive daylight through wedge-shaped elements that subdivide the recess area and provide attractive places for children to gather.

05 2022 / 2nd prize

Landscape design