Parking Garage P14 with Stuttgart Airport Bus Terminal

The high architectural standards of this parking garage are discernible in its eye-catching facade of anodized and perforated sheet metal panels, which sculpturally surrounds the new building’s rugged steel composite and reinforced concrete construction like a metallic skin: the diagonally textured metal facade that shimmers in shades of gold and brown has a sensuous appearance that exudes high quality, taking due account of the special character of this parking garage and its location. The double-helix ramp integrated into the western part of the parking garage appears from inside like a sculpturally formed object made of exposed concrete. The slightly bent perforated metal panels give a plasticity to the facade that continually changes its appearance as the light changes over the course of the day and year.


Measuring approximately 210 x 37 meters, the P14 parking garage was built in close proximity to the Airport City office park and airport terminals 3 and 4. The ground floor of the new building houses the Stuttgart Airport Bus Terminal (SAB). Stuttgart’s intercity bus station has a total of 18 bus platforms that are used by national and international long-distance bus lines as well as local public transit buses.
The spatial program of the SAB includes a service center with waiting hall, a ticket sales area with offices, a kiosk, and sanitary facilities as well as an operations control center. The approximately 1,550 parking spaces for cars are distributed over the 6 floors above.

The project was realized in a joint venture with the engineering firms Mayr + Ludescher (structure) and Thurm & Dinges (MEP).


VOF procedure
10 2012

Start of planning
07 2013

09 2015 (P14)
05 2016 (SAB)

FSG (Flughafen Stuttgart GmbH), Stuttgart
Landeshauptstadt Stuttgart

Flughafenstraße 610, 70629 Stuttgart


Construction costs
appr. 28,0 Mio. Euros

Service phases

Planning team
Kai Bierich, Regina Brenner (PL), Birgit Wohlfart

Local construction management 
Jo Carle Architekten, Stuttgart

Project management
HWP Planungsgesellschaft, Stuttgart

Structure planning
Mayr Ludescher Partner, Beratende Ingenieure, Stuttgart

HVS-E planning
Thurm & Dinges Planungsgesellschaft, Stuttgart

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