Laboratory Building for the Robert Koch Institute (RKI) in Berlin, honorable mention

A new laboratory facility (Building 7) will be built on the Robert Koch Institute’s Seestraße campus, rounding it off to the south. The cohesive height of the existing brick buildings forms an all-encompassing base around a green park at the center. In our design, the base of the new building adopts the height of the adjacent buildings, but its overall height rises above them: Building 7 will be differentiated by a brick base and a “lantern” floating above it, articulated by a verdant joint.


The mechanical floor, located in the middle of the building rather than on the top floor, introduces a striking urban gap. This central position also results in shorter distances to the laboratories and reduces the height of the building. The proposed open skeletal structure permits column-free laboratory zones for optimal use. Above the joint, the facade is slightly serrated, with vertical glazing alternating with photovoltaic panels.


07 2023 / honorable mention

Béla Berec