Schwenninger BKK Administration building

In the immediate vicinity of an artificial lake, the new central administration building forms the entrance to the city of Schwenningen. The architecture is characterized by the building’s clear structure and horizontal articulation: a central, four-story entrance hall that transitions into an open atrium is embraced by office wings that surround it.


Only the atrium is bounded on just three sides; on the eastern side it opens out to the lake in front. Movable, story-high sun shading elements are positioned in front of the floor-to-ceiling glazing, amounting to a homogeneous, wraparound enclosure of the office facade. Due to their changing linear structure, when seen from afar these give the appearance of an abstracted image of plants, thereby bestowing the building with a unique visual characteristic.


VOF procedure
07 2003

Start of planning
07 2003

09 2005

Schwenninger BKK, K.d.ö.R., Villingen-Schweninngen

Spittelstraße 50, 78056 Villingen-Schwenningen


Construction costs
appr. 16,5  Mio. Euros

Service phases

Planning team
Jan-Michael Kallfaß, Thomas Steimle (PL), Michael Schuch, Thomas Schulz, Armin Rauschke, Georgios Palatsidis, Gisela Dierolf

Construction management
Andreas Zürcher

Project management
Mürlepartner Baumanagement, Pforzheim

Structure planning
Mayer-Vorfelder Dinkelacker Ingenieurgesellschaft mbH, Stuttgart

HVS planning
Laux, Kasier & Partner Ingenieurgesellschaft mbH, Stuttgart

Electrical planning, lighting design
Müller & Bleher GmbH, Radolfzell

Building physics
W & W Bauphysik, Schwaikheim

© Brigida González
© Dietmar Strauß