Rhenaniastraße High School in Berlin-Spandau, 1st prize

The new building complements the numerous housing projects in Berlin’s Wasserstadt Oberhavel development and integrates harmoniously into the park-like waterfront landscape. The facility, which is divided into four segments arranged like a windmill, adopts existing spatial edges and forms differentiated outdoor areas: on Rhenaniastraße, a suitably dimensioned forecourt is created as a public address and entry point for the school and sports hall, while to the south a generous green space remains, incorporating existing trees and corresponding with the adjoining neighborhood park.


Due to the risk of flooding, the entire building ensemble is set atop a slightly raised slab, which is connected to the surrounding terrain via flat ramps. On top stands a clearly and thoroughly elaborated wood structure whose flexibility allows it to be used diversely. Upon entering the building, a generous view opens up to the schoolyard, onto which the event area with school cafeteria and multipurpose room faces.

The upper floors are home to one educational unit per segment, each accessible via the central staircase. The three-court sports hall is joined directly to the school as one wing of the composition, yet it also fronts the public space with a clear presence.


06 2023 / 1st prize

Aron Lorincz Ateliers