Bavarian State Office for Health and Food Safety in Erlangen

The design is shaped by the spatial proximity of a pine forest. The laboratory and administration buildings are divided into a total of four new freestanding buildings that supplement an existing building and come together around a verdant center as open, transparent pavilions. The departmental management, a library, the central sample collection point, training areas and the cafeteria are housed in a round building oriented toward the street.


The three laboratory buildings are laid out with square plans and have open atriums designed as rigorously geometric, finely detailed ornamental courtyards. On the ground floor, a connecting corridor – which, similar to the courtyards, represents a synthesis of indoor and outdoor space – links together the individual buildings.


07 1997 / 1st prize
Start of planning
11 1997

03 2003

Bayerisches Staatsministerium für Gesundheit, Ernährung und Verbraucherschutz, vertreten durch das Staatliche Hochbauamt Nürnberg I

Eggenreuther Weg 43, 91058 Erlangen


Building costs
appr. 59,5 Mio. Euros

Service phases

Planning team
Joe Deutinger, Izabella Hajkowska, Carsten Koglin, Jonas Lechler, Axel Mannhorst, Ingmar Menzer, Andreas Moll, Maja Zeppernik, Andreas Zürcher

Structure planning
Arbeitsgemeinschaft Ingenieurbüro Mayr & Ludescher, Stuttgart
Goetz & Neun, Ingenieurbüro für Baustatik, Nürnberg

Heating, Ventilation
abi Betz-Flöhl-Wolfstädter, Würzburg

Electrical and lighting design
Dees, Falk & Partner, Nürnberg

Building physics
Wolfgang Sorge, Ingenieurbüro für Bauphysik GmbH, Nürnberg

Laboratory and institute planning
Dr. Heinekamp Labor- und Institutsplanung, Karlsfeld

Landscape design
Werkgemeinschaft Freiraum, Nürnberg

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