New constrcution of a Turkish-German school center in Cologne

The name given to this Turkish-German school center, “Dialog”, stands for openness and communication. Architecturally, this approach was implemented by making the school building accessible from all four sides and on two levels. The two main entrances lead to an internal street that joins all the functional areas in a way that encourages communication.


The school ensemble, consisting of an academic high school and a middle school, is conceived of simple and compact elements and integrates the old building into the new urban figure. The clear configuration and many-sided orientation of the buildings means the school has no rear side. With its open facade design on the ground floor, the new building willfully presents itself as a building that is open to the public.

Our design incorporates a tall, existing plane tree at the lower level, showcasing it as the new focal point of the school. For the schoolyard, a large contiguous outdoor space was created on the eastern part of the property. Here it is important to us that the old building comes across as a self-evident part of this new urban composition.


09 2009 / 1st prize

Start of planning
10 2009

12 2015

Türkisch-Deutscher-Akademischer Bund e.V.
Trägerverein der Ersatzschule Gymnasium Dialog und der Dialog Bildungs- und Beratungszentren, Köln

Arnsberger Straße 11, 51065 Köln


  • Nominated for the DAM Prize for Architecture in Germany 2017

Construction costs
appr. 13,0 Mio. Euros

Service phases

Planning team
Alexander Vohl, Harald Baumann (PL), Steffen Ganzenmüller

Local construction management 
Erfurt & Partner GmbH, Erfurt

Project management
HWP Planungsgesellschaft, Stuttgart

Structure planning
Finck Billen Ingenieurgesellschaft mbH, Köln

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