Public Vocational School in Neustadt an der Aisch

The existing vocational school complex, which had already been expanded and refurbished by wulf architekten in 2005, is distinguished by a clear, U-shaped arrangement of school buildings that embrace a historical central building. The spaces that result between the individual buildings are used for circulation and also offer places for sitting and socializing. Where the old building once stood is now a new, three-story school building. With its distinctive pitched roofs that adopt and continue the existing grammar of the campus, it complements the existing buildings to form an impactful ensemble.


As a reinforced back to Hinterer Buchweg, the new school building closes off the site and adopts the contours of the existing building toward the school grounds. The building volume is broken up to fit in with the small-scale nature of the neighborhood. The pitched roofs, which align with the direction given by the existing building, reinforce the interconnection of the school buildings as a group.

In contrast to the varied interior, the building looks rather simple and straightforward from the outside due to its uniform facades of textured exposed concrete. The result is a robust, functional building of pragmatic and rational elegance that is highly suitable to its purpose.


Follow-up commission after winning the competiton in 1998
07 2011

Start of planning
08 2011

09 2015

Landkreis Neustadt an der Aisch – Bad Windsheim

Ansbacher Straße 28-30, 91413 Neustadt an der Aisch


Construction costs
appr. 10,8 Mio. Euros

Service phases

Planning team
Kai Bierich, Christine Steimle (PL), Johannes Geiß

Local constructuion management
Deutinger und Welsner Architekten Innenarchitekten, Nürnberg

Structure planning
wh-p Weischede Herrmann und Partner GmbH, Stuttgart

HVS planning
Pfeil & Koch Ingenieurgesellschaft mbH & Co. KG, Stuttgart

Electrical planning
Köhler GmbH Ingenieurbüro für Elektrotechnik VBI, Leonberg

Building physics
rw bauphysik ingenieurgesellschaft  mbH & Co. KG, Schwäbisch Hall

© Markus Guhl for wulf architekten