Fire Station 1 South, 3rd prize

The new facility for Fire Station 1 is a three-winged structure that completes the block and rounds off the overall urban setting while also integrating the outdoor sports areas into the roof of the building. The result is an independent structure that is at the same time embedded in its context, forming a generously sized sheltered courtyard for exercises and operations and providing excellent noise protection toward all the surrounding streets. Facing the courtyard, overhangs, terraces, windows, and closed walls offer a wide range of opportunities for fire department drills.


In response to the requirements for entry and exit points on Katharinenstraße, the most prominent side, we derived an architectural theme that defines the character of the overall architecture: vertical, monolithic expanses of brick give rhythm to the facade and at the same time establish a link to the materials of the adjoining structures. A gridded wood facade spans between the windowless circulation areas. The entire building configuration offers great flexibility, thus enabling the spatial disposition to be easily adapted.

On the ground floor, separate entrances provide access to areas for the fire department’s emergency operations as well as non-emergency functions, such as administration and the fire department’s historical collection, which is located on the 2nd floor.


11 2022 / 3rd prize

Aron Lorincz Ateliers