Rehabilitation of the Chisinau »Serghei Lunchevici« National Philharmonic Orchestra, 3rd prize

Before it fell victim to a fire and was partially destroyed, the philharmonic concert hall consisted of individual building sections dating from different eras. Our concept is based on the maxim of preserving as many parts as possible in order to conserve the authenticity of the building. The new sections of the building expand on this in a contemporary architectural language and complement the historic building.


This creates a new characteristic silhouette that befits the significance of the cultural edifice and enriches the urban environment. The new enclosure appears light and abstract, shining brightly during the day and glowing translucently at night. The composition consists of contiguous single-pitch roofs that reflect the internal spatial structure and form an open-air arena on the roof. The main hall is accessed via a vertically configured lobby that faces outward to the entry plaza as a generous stair tower next to the historical columned portal. The auditorium itself builds on the remaining wall fragments of the original auditorium and is further developed into a multifunctional space. Overall, the building’s form remains very compact by maintaining the former footprint.


05 2023 / 3rd prize

Aron Lorincz Ateliers