Regional Prison in Altstätten (CH), ongoing

The existing prison in Altstätten (Canton St. Gallen) is to be expanded from a current 45 cells to a total of 126 cells within the perimeter available, in terms of both space and design.

Our design »Hof und Höfe« (yard and yards) integrates itself as horizontal yard typology into the landscape and underlines the horizontality and spaciousness of the surroundings. From the outside, the galvanised steel plates of the facades give the impression of a shimmering cube in front of the mountain landscape of the Appenzell Alps. Together with the two extension stages and the existing building, the large two-storey extension forms a coherent whole.


With the courtyard as the central atrium, the individual departments of the cell wing form manageable housing units. Particularly in the departments of group detention, where inmates can move relatively freely during the day, there is no intention of living in the corridor, but rather of creating a community. Thus, the community areas can enrich each other. This prevents the typical prison atmosphere in the departments of detention for foreigners and facilitates the resocialization of prisoners in the penal system.


11 2015 / 1st prize

Start of planning
03 2017

expected 2028

Kanton St. Gallen (CH), Baudepartement

Service phases