Secondary school in Gerlingen, ongoing

The city of Gerlingen intends to expand the existing secondary school from 2.5 to 3 units and to renovate it comprehensively. In this context, the existing school center is to be supplemented by a canteen. Within the school center, the secondary school should define a clearly recognisable place of identification for the pupils. A contemporary and durable facade with large windows and a cladding of profiled concrete elements alternating with plaster strips is planned for the school building. The canteen is located in a solitaire, which will be a wooden construction.


The new entrance to the secondary school is barrier-free and accessible at ground level. Via the entrance foyer on the basement level, which also contains the administration, one reaches the break hall with an assembly hall function on the floor above. Facing the hall, the central areas of the learning clusters open on one side and the connectable music room on the other side. The communal areas for students and classrooms for specialised classes are accessible via galleries. For this purpose, the existing building structure is used. The break hall on the east side opens generously to the terraced schoolyard.

Important for our design is the transformation of the existing school building into a contemporary learning house concept. This can be achieved by a ring-shaped extension, which complements a new building layer towards the outside. The area of the old building becomes a learning house while the new school extension with its classrooms is developed around this core.

The new canteen is a finely structured solitaire, built in wood and rhythmicised over its supporting structure. Inside, a dense room atmosphere is created, which is characterised above all by the load-bearing structure and its wooden surfaces.


05 2017 / 1st prize

Start of planning
06 2017

expected 2023

Stadt Gerlingen

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