Training Center for Construction Trades in Geradstetten, 2nd prize

The training academy in Geradstetten has been training around 700 people in the construction industry every year since 1972. Our concept for the new training center for construction trades meets the challenge of bringing order to the existing evolved situation without disrupting operations and it transforms the site into a coherent campus whose urban presence makes it recognizable as a cohesive institution. Our vision is a modular system built around a communal center. The buildings are individual components that reflect both the construction phases and the different functions and departments. Ancillary areas in the interstices between these blocks develop functional symbioses. The communal courtyard is the heart of the campus and the place where people gather.


A leafy approach zone along the Rems leads users and visitors to the main entrance. Here, an ecological recreational riverbank is created as a public promenade that follows the course of the river. Each of the buildings is dedicated to a different functional use, with column-free halls that can be joined together and areas with similar height requirements grouped together.

Midway along the Rems and within a short walk to the cafeteria is the five-story dormitory building, whose ground-floor common areas open onto the inner courtyard. The heavy equipment and machine operator areas face a large open area to the east. To the north, facing the street, is the building construction department, and to the northwest is the underground construction department. The outdoor zones for each activity are directly associated with the specific halls and delimited by the outdoor storage areas. The affiliated rooms for theory classes are located on the second floor and are accessible via the open circulation around the inner courtyard.

The outward appearance transports the inner logic to the outside; the tectonics of the facades reveal the inner structure. The base zone will be clad with concrete elements reused from the demolition, thus providing a robust surface for use. The horizontal articulation and banding of the facades emphasize the massing of the building ensemble and its variations in building height.


09 2023 / 2nd prize

Aron Lorincz Ateliers