Four Primary Schools in Modular Design

In order to confront the danger of monotony and anonymity, our design offers characteristic rooms with the selected barrelled vaulting that not only convey a sense of security but also possess high sentimental value. We perceive this unique room quality that is sensorially experienced by pupils and teachers as the opposite of a stereotypical, modular structure.


The pedagogical concept of the “Munich Learning House” (Münchener Lernhaus) is the starting point for the development of an intelligent and constructively mature learning house module that consists of four classrooms each, two interconnected rooms for full-day care and a working area for teaching and support staff which are arranged in a circle around a central communal space. All rooms have a direct exit to the outside area through the walkways surrounding the rooms which creates an unrestricted use of the entire learning house in compliance with fire protection policy.

The four primary schools with full-day care are located on the former military compound on Ruth-Drexel-Strasse in Oberföhring and in the Bauhaus Square in Schwabing as well as in the Freiham housing development in the Gustl-Bayrhammer-Strasse and in Aubinger Allee.


10 2013 / 1st Prize

Start of planning
08 2014

09 2017

Landeshauptstadt München, Referat für Bildung und Sport, München

Aubinger Allee 152, 81243 München
Gustl-Bayrhammer-Straße 21, 81249 München
Bauhausplatz 9, 80807 München
Ruth-Drexel-Straße 27, 80807 München


  • Shortlist of the DAM Prize for Architecture in Germany 2019

Construction costs
appr. 160 Mio. Euros

Service phases

Competition team
Berit Jennrich, Miriam Baehrens, Yeon Yung Choi, Josépha Roussel

Planning team
Jan-Michael Kallfaß (Overall project manager), Johannes Reinhard (assistant project manager), Miriam Baehrens (PL), Carla Lopez (PL), Hilal Yilmaz (PL), Elif Yuecel, Annika Wisotzky (PL), Mario Arca, Isabelle Doll (PL)

Construction management 
Architekturbüro Leinhäupl + Neuber GmbH, Landshut
köhler architekten + beratende ingenieure gmbh, Gauting

Structure planning
Ingenieurbüro Dr. Lammel, Lerch und Partner, Regensburg

HVS planning
Bummer Hof Planungs GmbH, Bad Krötzing
Ingenieurbüro Hausladen, Kirchheim

Electrical planning
Ingenieurbüro Knab, München

Building physics
Müller BBM GmbH, Planegg

Landscape design
Planstatt Senner, München

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