Jakob Sigle Heim, Assisted Living in Kornwestheim

This building for assisted living brings to fruition the second phase of construction, thus completing the Jakob Sigle Heim ensemble. The new structure elaborates on the nursing home finished in 2017 in the first construction phase. Its footprint, whose long side is slightly angled, formally echoes the shape of a wing of the first phase with its X-shaped plan. As a result, the Jakob Sigle Heim now has a consistent appearance that replaces the original building from the 1960s.


The building for assisted living is an apartment complex of high quality that enables independent living into old age. Three upper floors accommodate 73 barrier-free apartments of various sizes for senior citizens, each equipped with a bathroom and kitchenette, plus two staff apartments. The ground floor also has a multipurpose day room / events space with a kitchen for communal use. The residents can live here independently, but they can also make use of the service facilities in the adjacent nursing home. Each apartment has a window front that extends down to the floor, with a balcony in front; the building's east–west orientation creates bright living spaces. Inside, the staggered arrangement of the apartments creates corridor-side entries for individual units. On the outside, the angular balconies articulate the facade. The way the architecture is positioned on the site creates an attractive dovetailing of buildings and semi-public green space that offers recreational benefits to not the residents as well as the broader neighborhood. Thus the Jakob Sigle Heim also represents an enhancement of the residential area, which is characterized by rows of apartment buildings from the 1950s.


Direct commission / Feasibility study
08 2012

Start of planning
02 2013

03 2021

Wohlfahrtswerk für Baden-Württemberg, Stuttgart

Rosensteinstraße 28-30, 70806 Kornwestheim


Construction costs
appr. 10,4 Mio. Euro

Service phases

Planning team
Ingmar Menzer, Stephan Burger (PL), Emiliya Mykhaylyuk, Larissa Schuster

Local construction management

Structure planning
Pfefferkorn Ingenieure, Beratende Ingenieure VBI, Stuttgart

Landscape design
Planstatt Senner, Überlingen

© Markus Guhl for wulf architekten